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No More Jet Li

So, the official announcement is that Jet Li's not doing anymore kung fu films. That's very sad for me. I don't know who the next up and coming kung fu star is. Now what am i going to watch? Sure, there's the Thai actor Tony Jaa from the movie Ong Bak. I think he mainly does Muay Thai, which is very impressive and great to watch, but i still prefer kung fu. If Ong Bak is anything to judge by, the movements in Muay Thai are very precise and rooted but hardly fluid. It looks to be alot about power, your strength against mine. Much like what i think karate is about. Kung fu, especially the stuff in the movies (which is more like Wu Shu than straight kung fu), is fluid. It's rarely a simple matter of pitting one's physical strength against an opponents. It's about using their own strength against them. How true any of this is in the real world, who knows. But for me, movie Kung Fu is a more interesting performance.

Also, i get all the jokes in the chinese movies.

Now all that aside, you won't believe what he's retiring from kung fu films to do instead.

For his next act, Li wants to leave behind "international kung fu star" and instead be known simply as "actor." He's trying to kick-start a family comedy with Jackie Chan. [emphasis mine]

Kung fu star to sitcom actor. This can't be good.

By min | September 22, 2006, 9:02 AM | Movies | Link

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