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Burning Sensation

I think i finally found the movie i've been searching for for a loooooong time. When i was little, i saw a movie at my cousin's house. It was a chinese movie that involved a ghost and a demon (ofc). I always thought it was kinda funny, but i never knew what it was called or who was in it. And my cousin would be no help in this department. She never remembers anything. But i think this is it.

A firefighter salvages a spiritual shrine from an old burning building, which releases the gentle ghost of a Chinese opera singer, killed in a stage fire 30 years before. Grateful for saving her, the ghost falls for the firefighter and will stop at nothing to ensure his safety from the evils that lurk ahead. At the same time, the firefighter doesn't realize he is dating a ghost.

Doesn't sound too interesting, right? Well, that's because IMDB left out the part where the "evils" include a demon with a 6ft long tongue.

It's on sale here for pretty cheap. I think i'm going to have to make this purchase.

By min | February 6, 2007, 3:31 PM | Movies | Comments (4)| Link

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