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The Germans Don't Want Him

They take it all back.

The German Defense Ministry is scrambling to qualify its stance on the Tom Cruise World War Two thriller "Valkyrie," saying Thursday that, despite reports to the contrary, it has no opposition to the film shooting in Germany.
The ministry now says that, while it hasn't received an official request from "Valkyrie" producers United Artists to shoot in the country, it would "look agreeably" upon any such application.

Ofc, Cruise better be careful what he says and does while he's filming because "[s]cientology is under official observation by Germany authorities as a potentially threat to German democracy, putting the organization on par with neo-Nazi groups" (who, i read in the Guardian a couple of years ago, were making some headway in Germany's parliament as the National Democratic Party. hoo boy).


Germany will not allow filming in German military sites if Tom Cruise is playing the German war hero Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg in the film because of Cruise's religion. The Germans feel that Scientology is masquerading as a religion in order to make money.

Von Stauffenberg led an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Hitler.

Even the guy's grandson doesn't want him.

Just looking at the 700 Club, i don't see who can deny religion is definitely a great way to make money. If nobody has a problem with the Christians running a racket, why do they have to be so down on Scientology? As soon as i can convince fnord12, we are totally starting our own religion. Then i can quit my job and live off our parishioners' 10% donations. It's gonna rewl.

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