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Who Says No to a Part in The Expendables?

Van Damme clearly makes bad choices.

It seems that Jean-Claude Van Damme had the chance to sign up to Sylvester Stallone's film The Expendables and even had Stallone on the phone to him personally offering him the role.
Well apparently he doesn't want to have his career going down "that route" - that route? What, a huge cast action film that could propel him back into the mainstream spotlight?

Super big DER. I mean, Van Damme's rejection led to Dolph Lundgren being asked (wtf, Stallone? Lundgren totally should have been part of the lineup with or without Van Damme), so yay, but why the hell wouldn't he want to be a part of what is clearly a totally awesome idea? 50+ yr old action hero has beens all in the same movie together shooting things and blowing other things up? That's pure movie genius.

According to wikipedia, this is what Van Damme will be spending his time prepping for instead of being part of Hollywood magic:

Van Damme will make a return to fighting and is scheduled to fight former boxing Olympic gold-medalist Somluck Kamsing in October 2010, in Las Vegas or Macau.[16] The winner of that match will face current world champion Jeffrey "The Squasher" Sun.[17] At the prospect of being the first man over the age of 50 to fight professionally in Macau, Jean-Claude Van Damme stated that "it's kind of dangerous, but life is short."


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