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Marvel studio movies

I don't have anything profound to say but just to prevent any off topic conversation i wanted to quickly throw up a post here in response to a comment in the General Comments section on the Timeline.

Short answer is i really like all the Marvel Studio movies. After years of disappointing super-hero movies, Marvel showed that by doing it in house they could create a popular set of movies that don't throw out all the concepts that make the comics what they are. Of course the movies change some stuff, but for the most part the movies are a lot closer to the comics than past super-hero movies. No one says "my powers don't work that way" like Storm did in X-Men. In that vein i'm a little apprehensive of the upcoming Ant-Man movie because some of the changes they seem to be making, but i'm willing to wait and see.

Speaking for my partner Min too, i think our biggest complaint so far is that there haven't been enough gigantic hats in the Thor movies. On a slightly more substantial note, i thought Thor 2 was good but was a little disappointed in the fact that they used Malekith but really made him not at all like Malekith. My fanboy dream of course would be the Casket of Ancient Winter saga, with all the other surrounding Marvel movies having an unexplained snowstorm (which would also help explain why, say, Iron Man doesn't show up when the world is threatened in the Thor movie). But that aside, i thought even the Thor movies and the Hulk movie and Iron Man 2 were good. Heck, i even watch the SHIELD tv show.

I did think the X-Men movies were ok but they definitely had problems and i remember the third one being a terrible mess. I think the Spidey/Doc Ock battle on the train in Spider-Man 2 was awesome, but the Spidey movies were similarly at the X-Men level - ok but not fantastic. I haven't seen the Spider-Man reboot. Here's some other random reviews of the lesser tier movies.

Characteristically, i haven't seen most of the recent DC movies. I fell asleep during the first of the Dark Knight Batman movies (there was an interminable car chase scene... on a roof? with a tank?) and haven't bothered to watch the rest or Superman. I'll probably see the Batman/Superman movie, though.

By fnord12 | February 8, 2014, 12:50 AM | Comics & Movies | Comments (3)| Link

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