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Streaming Mimi

MightyGodKing hasn't posted in a while, but he's back with an analysis of some semi obscure (and some not-so-obscure) movies with what i would call Historical Significance which are not readily available via any streaming service. Most of these movies, in my stupid opinion, should be in the public domain by now and therefore would be freely available for any service. Relatedly, this is why i prefer to have my own video file library; even if things are available for streaming at the moment, there's no guarantee that they always will be. The kids today, with their Kodi streaming plug-ins, don't seem to understand that (and/or care).

When i first read the above, there was was a comment that left me scratching my head, and it turns out that MGK has addressed that comment in a follow-up post. I grant that Blockbuster wasn't very good, but our local EZVideo was pretty great, especially if Netflix's "Nothing But Made For SyFy" selection is the comparison point.

If nothing else, MGK has made me want to seek out Dark of the Sun for the chainsaw fight.

By fnord12 | October 23, 2017, 12:51 PM | Liberal Outrage & Movies | Link

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