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Liberal Outrage

Sounds good to me

Instead of layoffs, seems some companies are 'forcing' their employees into 4 day work weeks and things like that. I'm officially volunteering for that to happen to me.

By fnord12 | December 22, 2008, 3:04 PM | Liberal Outrage | Comments (4)| Link

What About the Galactus Contingency Plan?

If you were the incoming administration, would you trust any contingency plan the Bush White House came up with?

The White House has prepared more than a dozen contingency plans to help guide President-elect Barack Obama if an international crisis erupts in the opening days of his administration, part of an elaborate operation devised to smooth the first transition of power since Sept. 11, 2001.

The memorandums envision a variety of volatile possibilities, like a North Korean nuclear explosion, a cyberattack on American computer systems, a terrorist strike on United States facilities overseas or a fresh outbreak of instability in the Middle East, according to people briefed on them. Each then outlines options for Obama to consider.

The contingency planning goes beyond what other administrations have done, with President George W. Bush and Obama vowing to work in tandem to ensure a more efficient transition in a time of war and terrorist threat. The commission that investigated the Sept. 11 attacks, noting problems during the handover from President Bill Clinton to Bush, called for a better process "since a catastrophic attack could occur with little or no notice," as its report put it.

I mean, c'mon. This is the same group of people who used the terrorist attack on Sept. 11th to take away our civil liberties, pushing through things like the Patriot Act and using it to justify illegal wiretapping and invading Iraq. Is Obama really going to trust suggestions from Bush and Co. on what to do in case of a catastrophe?

And putting all that paranoia aside, who in their right mind is going to take the advice of the biggest bunch of screwups ever? Hello! New Orleans is still a disaster. What the hell kind of advice could these people possibly give that would be worth the paper it's printed on?

If anything, these contingency plans the White House is being so helpful in providing should be used solely as a way to understand what you should not do.

There is only 1 person Obama needs to consult on contingency plans - the Black Panther.

By min | December 17, 2008, 10:33 AM | Liberal Outrage | Comments (2)| Link

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